About this project

U.G.L.Y Tribe tasked us with developing an eye-catching informative website. The site needed to talk to both young women who they mentor as well as business partners and organisations.

Client : Black Thrive

Date : April 1, 2020

Services : Brand Development, Web Development

Timeline : 16 Weeks

Introduction to U.G.L.Y

U.G.L.Y stands for “understanding girls like you”. Historically this word has been used to describe attributes or characteristics in opposition to common perceptions of beauty. At U.G.L.Y HQ they have chosen to take ownership of this word by giving it a new meaning. They feel it’s important for women to have a deeper understanding of themselves and the strength and power they possess within! Through bespoke programmes, coaching and events they support women to develop the tools needed to have a greater awareness and appreciation of the importance of self and individual differences and to thrive in their truth.



When U.G.L.Y Tribe came to us they hadn’t agreed on a logo or colour scheme for the brand, nor did they have a clear picture of how they wanted the site to look, so we took them through the whole branding process. As they speak to both young women that they’re coaching and businesses that they partner with such as Apple, Centre Point and Who What Wear the brand had to convey this, and we had to get to right.

How We Helped (The Solution)


We took U.G.L.Y Tribe through a full branding process, gathering as much information as possible so we can understand the business and what they were trying to achieve. We sent over colour pallets and agreed on a colour scheme, as well on two logo variations. We then started planning the development of the website, we wanted it to look fun and engaging as well as a corporate feel to make sure they are talking to both of their main users.

We focused on bringing a seamless experience to both users, regardless which device they are using. We had to scale down the information provided, so the user wasn’t bombarded with loads of text. We added eye-catching headers, and images.

The Result

The website launch was a huge success, and we received great feedback. U.G.L.Y Tribe decided to stay on as our clients giving us the creative roll within their business a full-service design agency. We handle all their site updates and well as their day-to-day design collaterals.

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